2015 Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido

Snow Festival is very famous ivent in Hokkaido, every year 240 million tourist come from all over the world.

This year open February 5 ( Thursday ) to 11(Wednesday)

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Fashion at Snow Festival

Recentry Hokkaido is very famous place where foreigner choice for travel especially from Asia area.

So please pay attention about fashion.

In February, Hokkaido is very cold for example average temperature is -3.1℃ terribly cold !!!

So be carefull catch a cold.

use tights under pants

of course use tights and I recommend you wear outdoor fashion.

If you put on hat and glove you can spend sweet and hot time.

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Anyway you know ‘Hokkairo’?

In winter you can get it everywhere, it means small hot heater like this.

How to use ‘hokkairo’

# back of neck
# weist

Snow Festival fashion shose

Baseckally it is same to adult.
Snow festival has a ‘ Todoom ‘ it is fantastick place for child so I recommend they wear ski wear.

In Hokkido you meet very sexy girls they wear very short skirt and high heel, but don’t imitate with them.

Local people get tired of snow so they don’t walk ground, they walk under ground shopping area.

Anyway I recommend you wear hot fashion and I hope you spend sweet happy time.